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The Golden-cheeked Warbler is a stunning display that reaffirms sexual selection as the nonpareil of design.  The bird reaches a mature length of four inches.  His movements are swift and mercurial.  He is yellow faced, black winged, and white bellied. His head curiously bobbles from side to side.  He studies the translucent silk tapestry hanging between an oak twig and its ascendant branch.  He waits for an Araneidae spider to respond to his prodding and plucking of the strings.  There is no antiphon to the silent symphony.  His hunger must find recourse elsewhere.  For now, the warbler is satisfied with the remnants left behind.  He collects the elegant web and flutters off to continue building his home.

The remaining numbers of this bird are unknown.  Their value continues to rise everyday.  So rare they are that few will ever see one.

Downtown Salt Lake City, the birthplace of a street grid that would reach it's tendrils throughout the entire valley and fill the cavernous surrounding mountains.  I walk up a flight of stairs and approach the entrance of Lisman Studio.  I need not read any signs, through the glass I see a finely decorated room.  Fixtures and furniture are arranged and displayed in a foray of different styles.  Samples - for your eyes to taste.  These were the designers I had to meet.

I was greeted with a smile by Lisa.  She asked me how I was, and what she could do for me.  I told her I was here to meet... well at this point, I wasn't sure who I would meet.  I told her I was here to meet some of the designers and talk about their work.  She grabbed me a crisp water and went back to announce my arrival.  She returned to her work, her eyes zeroed in on her prior task as if never interrupted.  A skill she must have acquired the ten years she'd been there.

In front of me a glass conference room was abuzz with designers in a meeting.  Some sitting, others standing.  I couldn't hear what they were saying.  I added my own dialog to the meeting.  Unreal dialog, the type you see in law movies.  Every decision is dramatic and every line sounds thought out and extravagant.

"...So I said to him, "Have you no sense of taste Mr. Bovine?!! "  Then I threw the jardiniere right over his head, out the window, and onto the terrace!  It was simply brilliant!"

My desultory inner dialog was contracted as Lamar and Belle entered the room and welcomed me.  I was beckoned into his office and the three of us sat down.

Lamar started his design career working as part of the product development team for Nordstrom.  Yes, that huge fashion retailer known for it's personal one on one customer service focus.  Sounds like a path to creating one of the most successful interior design firms to me.  

Intrigued by this customer service focus, we moved onto topics of client relations in interior design.  The phrase that best described the connection was, "constantly evolving".  Belle and he spoke candidly about the growing plethora of materials and tools available to their clients.  The internet has many ideas, but you need a designer to consummate and consolidate them.  That's what they stressed more than anything else.  Later, the ibuprofen alleviated any potential neck ache from my continual affirming head nods.

I asked him what made his firm unique from the others.  Without hesitation, he told me that their firm isn't associated with a furniture line or architecture firm.  Every design is original and boundless.  They land upon brilliant design through letting ideas and solutions arrive organically without limitation.  After all, a seeds' growth is stifled when planted in a Dixie cup.

We finished our discussion talking about marketing and advertising.  I found that Lisman was as much a brand as a person.

I thanked them for their time.  Every word was fulfilling and enlightening.

As I descended the stairs back to my car I turned around to take one last glance.  

"A rare bird indeed."

Click to see more stunning designs by Lisman

Click to see more stunning designs by Lisman

Golden-cheeked Warbler

Golden-cheeked Warbler

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